About Slippery Soap Company

Incorporating locally made products into your lifestyle means evaluating the things you use every day. One of those things is soap. From washing your hands to the shower, to your morning skin routine, every product you use is a decision about how you treat your body.

Started in February of 2011 with the idea of “Keeping Kids Clean”, Diane and Tom Paulinca started out only making soaps for kids. They were often asked “do you have anything for … ” this began the journey of constant research and product creation which has transformed them into the comprehensive Salem, New Hampshire company they are today.

Slippery Soap Company now creates a multitude of all natural products for the whole family. They specialize in making goat milk soaps, moisturizers, and speciality body “goodies”. Every few weeks something new seems to be created, most recent being their toilet bowl spray “Fresh & Flush”.

Old time classics like Pine Tar Soap, Gardnah’s Soap, to Poison Ivy Soap, all can be found here. Our moisturizers are made with ingredients like orange blossom water, mango and shea butters, jojoba oil, and pure lavender essential oil. They smell divine and work wonders on the skin. It’s nice to be able to read and comprehend the ingredients on each of the containers.

We offer a full line of wonderful products for men, new mothers and baby, eczema salve, poison ivy relief, essential oil bug repellent, and, even for your dog and cat – the all natural alternative to the poisonous commercial products – Pet Tic Off.

Slippery Soap Company has five stars and a 100% response rate on Facebook so reach out to Tom and Diane if you have any questions. Then, make it a point this week to come to the Market and try some of their creations or talk to them about the products they carry.

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Slippery Soap Company
Diane and Tom Paulinca
7 Lansing Dr, Salem, NH 03079
Phone: (603) 894-6362