Just about everyone who tries our wholesome body care products, becomes a believer... and usually a repeat customer!  You'll love our body butters, body scrubs, delightful deodorants and you'll adore our amazing Complete Body Ultimate Moisturizer.

Body Butters

Goat’s Milk Body Butter - Citrus
Body Butter - Cilantro Citrus
Body Butter - Lavender
Body Butter - Patchouli


Body Scrub - Citrus
Body Scrub - Lavender
Body Scrub - Patchouli
Body Scrub Sugar - Peppermint



Roll-On Deodorant - Unisex
Stick Deodorant - Machismo

Complete Body Ultimate Moisturizer

Soothe your body and soul with our ultimate body moisturizer.

Foaming Hand Soaps and Refills

Our wonderful, all natural foaming hand soap - New Hampshire made without the chemicals of the national brands!

8oz Pump Bottle
8oz Refill