We love the outdoors and know that you do too!  Stay away from those awful, highly-suspect, commercial chemicals and outfit the campsite, house and boat with genuine Slippery Soap all-natural products. Formulated by outdoorsey folk, for outdoorsey folk!  Keep the mosquitoes and ticks off the whole family - even your beloved kitty and pooch.  Soothe that terrible poison ivy with our fantastic spray, salve or soap.

Outdoor Essentials

Tick Off Bug Spray
Bite & Itch Salve
Poison Ivy Soap Bar
Poison Ivy Spray
Poison Ivy Salve
Gahdnah’s Soap
Pet Tick Off for Cats & Dogs

Camping Essentials Kit

Our Camping Essentials Kit is ideal for any outing and make a great gift. The Camp Kit includes Poison Ivy Soap, Ticked Off bug spray and our soothing Bite & Itch Balm

Lip Balms

Our soothing lip balms are available in 8 tasty flavors and, of course, New Hampshire Made for purity and effectiveness. You'll love 'em and they make great little gifts and stocking stuffers.


Black Cherry
Bubble Gum