Our New Hampshire made, premium Specialty Soap Bars are formulated with you in mind! Whether you have a fresh tattoo or tough-to-wash gardener's hands and knees, or maybe poison ivy, acne or maybe you're just plain grubby - there's a Slippery Soap for you!

Remember, Slippery Soap Specialty Soap Bars make excellent gifts!

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From tried and true old timers to the latest discoveries, these serve a special purpose for you!
AFRICAN BLACK  -  dry skin and acne - medicinal chocolate.
CASTILE  -  classic Spanish olive oil soap - unscented.
CHARCOAL SOAP  -  oily skin - absorbs and draws out the oils - tea tree.
GAHDNAH’S SOAP  - has the grit to remove the dirt - rosemary.
HERBAL SHAMPOO  -  rub it through your wet hair then create incredible lather - lavender & tea tree.
KITCHEN MAGIC  -  take the smell away - fish, onions, garlic - hands, cutting boards - anise.
PINE TAR SOAP   -  the classic for head lice, dandruff, psoriasis, fleas on pets - 18.5% Bickford pine tar.
POISON IVY SOAP  -  think you made contact?  Jewelweed will counteract those poisonous oils - unscented.
SAVON DE MARSEILLE 72 EXFOLIATING LUFFA - 72% olive oil, with other special luffa ingredients. All natural, of course. Ideal for dry, flaking skin.
CASTILE  -  approx. weight 4oz  $6.00
OTHER SPECIALITY BARS approx. weight 4oz  $9.00
POISON IVY BAR approx. weight 4oz  $10.00

Select African Black $9.00 USD Castile $6.00 USD Charcoal $9.00 USD Herbal Shampoo $9.00 USD Kitchen Magic $9.00 USD Pine Tar $9.00 USD Poison Ivy $10.00 USD


Natural Wood Soap Dish

Our beautiful, New Hampshire-Made Retro Wooden Japanese Soap Dish.
(Soap dish only) 4.5" x 3" x1"  $15.00